Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Big Knit ... count me in!

The Age UK logoImage via WikipediaMy friend Lynn's blog yesterday alerted me to a great craft cause that I didn't know about. The Big Knit for Age UK. These are my first three little hats, but I hope to make several more and get a few more folks involved too. This is a terrific program.

A fruit drink company in the UK (innocent ltd) is soliciting these little hats for their 250ml bottles; for every behatted bottle sold they make a donation to Age Action to help seniors at risk due to the cold. You can click on the photo below for more information when it becomes available.

Think of the awareness created when folks see these little woolen hats on rows of fruit drinks. I wish we had something like this here in Canada.

Some of the creations that folks have come up with in the past are simply amazing. There are prizes too! I shall not be looking for a prize. I'm sure Lynn will do some amazing things (already talking sock puppet adaptation) but I shall be sticking very close to the basics. My challenge for myself will be to make no two exactly alike - but don't get too excited folks, I'm talking colours not stitches.

Click on the photo to see Hat of the Week
winners from past years on the innocent drinks blog.

This year's goal is 650,000, but you've got until October, so get knitting!


  1. Cute hats! They are fun and quick, aren't they!?!

  2. By any chance is your Mom still in the UK? Could she bring back a couple of empty Innocent 250ml bottles?

  3. Yes they are fun and it's really nice to be able to completely "do" something quickly. I don't love doing pompoms though - I may have to revamp that, and have already tried a 'half pom-pom'.

    Great thinking on the innocent bottles, but Mum came back last Friday. For next year ...