Sunday, September 11, 2011

Boxed Sets of Christmas Cards

A friend of mine suggested selling my home made cards on Etsy, so I thought I would have a go with putting together some assorted box sets.

The larger of my jewelry box sizes seems to work well with 10 cards and envelopes, so we're calling this the 'deluxe' set. I think I will also try some smaller sets - perhaps 6 cards - but this assortment worked well with what I had on hand.

The sets include the snowman card which was a really big hit last year - and virtually all of them feature sequins, snowflakes, stars and various forms of shine and glitter.

I decided to dress up the box a litle bit with some holiday themed paper and a hand made gift tag. This presents things nicely but also gives the extra advantage of a gift box that you can reuse for ornament storage or gift giving.

I know it's only September and I promise it won't be ALL Christmas for the next three months, but you crafters know what it's like - you have to get a jump on things!


  1. Really, not all Christmas all the time? LOL.
    The cards look very cute, and nicely done as a boxed set.

  2. How much are the cards?

  3. At the moment, I've only got one set left on Etsy - but hope to be making more and smaller sets soon.