Sunday, July 21, 2013

Christmas Archives: Cork Reindeer Ornament

New ideas, old ideas, may as well take a look at them all.

It's fun to revisit old crafts, and certainly when it comes to decorating the Christmas Trees it's always a lovely walk down memory lane.

Beautiful things others have made, and things I've made so long ago I forget about them.

Reminders often inspire new creations.

This wasn't my idea originally, I'd seen it somewhere before I think.  Probably at a Christmas Bazaar, although we didn't own any before I made these so I'm no longer sure.  I probably made these about 25 years ago, so I can tell you they hold up well!

First, you drink a lot of wine.  LOL.  Okay, so the more boring way is get yourself some corks and glue them together in this formation.  Pipe cleaners make great antlers, some googly eyes or just plain, and things like pom-pomps, ribbons, sequins, and etc. to embelish away.  For Rudolph, a red nose of course!

And then you've got yourself a Rudolph the Reindeer Wine Cork Christmas Ornament.  On to Dasher, Dancer, Prancer Vixen .... you know the drill.

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