Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Wrap-Up

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Christmas in the Living Room
Another Christmas has come and gone. I hope yours was wonderful.  Due to a nasty ice storm ours was quite a bit more quiet than planned, but as always, I seem to have done too much.

Christmas in the Craft Room
It doesn't seem to matter when I start to prepare, it is always a last minute rush and panic with not enough time just to relax and enjoy.  I am convinced that there are people out there that just take this all in stride with no stress at all so it is one of my life long objectives to achieve this Nirvana.
Christmas in my Office
 Each year I do try to take steps in this direction.  I regularly pass along bits and pieces to friends, family or charity to limit the number of boxes to store, and I try to find more creative ways to put  things away out of sight.

Close up Christmas Tree
Beaded ornament hangers are nearly done for all the ornaments, and in packing things away this year I'm trying to standardize that so I don't spend quite as much time selecting the hanger for each decoration.

Santa helps to decorate another tree

No matter what changes I make each year, my Christmas decorations will always be about the trees.  I just love Christmas tree decorations as you may have guessed.  And, after all, Santa helps out.
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  1. Very pretty and very clever Jane xxxx
    Auntie Carole and David. Happy New Year to you and Rob xx