Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wired for the Bride

It seems ages since I did any of the crochet wire necklaces, and it was a bit of a fight with a spool of wire that thought it was a slinky toy today as I reaquainted myself with the technique, but I have a special project. For a very special friend it gets special beads, and this beautiful square glass bead is in the perfect shades to set the tone.

This necklaces is potentially for a very special occasion. My friend Lynn is busy knitting away a gorgeous red sweater with a lovely scoop neck and almost architectural detailing. The other jewelry being worn is gold with a more amber/orange. So we wanted something that would incorporate the spectrum through the golds, amber/orange and into cranberry.

The special event will take place on 11-11-11, so I have incorporated 11 different feature beads. If there is a theme, you may as well continue it. Seed beads in two golds and a shiny deep red run through as well, but we're not counting them - they're just foundation.

The main work is done, I've just left the back detailing and closure so that we can get the perfect length. If it doesn't work out to suit Lynn, I'll finish it up and post on Etsy as it would be particularly lovely for the holiday season. I held it up around my neck, and it is looking very nice indeed. But will the bride to be like it?

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