Thursday, February 3, 2011

Back to the hats!

Wintery weather? Time to get back to the hats!

Last year, feeling confident enough to move on from square or rectangular objects, I started making hats. I experimented with a few different patterns and found Kathy North's The Hat for Anyone to be one of my favourite ones to work with. It's the perfect base pattern for doing your own variations.

You can knit in the round, or flat with two needles - which is still what I currently prefer - although it does mean that you have the finishing up to do. This is a variation using what I call the 'eyelash yarn'. I like the stripe patterning to be tighter at the beginning for extra warms around the ears.

The pattern for this adaption regular adult hat is as follows:

Cast on 72 stitches with main wool and work 8 rows in k1, p1 rib.
(Work 2 rows stocking stitch in wool, 2 rows gartar stitch in eyelash yarn) 3 times.
(Work 4 rows stocking stitch in wool, 2 rows gartar stitch in eyelash yarn) 3 times.

Keeping the continuity of the pattern, begin the decreasing to shape the hat.
K7, k2tog across. Purl row.
K6, k2tog across. Purl row.
K5, k2tog across. Purl row.
K4, k2tog across. Purl row.
K3, k2tog across. Purl row.
K2, k2tog across. Purl row.
K1, k2tog across. Purl row.
k2tog across

Cut yarn leaving enough to sew up seam of hat and draw through remaining 8 stitches.

Finish up, and pop it on your head.

I've got a few balls of the novelty yarn left to make into this version of the hat. Next up will be a purple with blue and teal. The base pattern provides directions for X-small, Small, Adult or Large so you can easily alter the concept to suit.

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