Saturday, April 19, 2014

Transition to Christmas!

It's a time of transition in my crafty world to focus more clearly on what has always been my number one crafting passion - Christmas.  There are lots of new developments on a new Christmas is Magical Etsy Shop, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, and an online Christmas Craft Show concept - a Magical Christmas Craft Show - so welcome to the North Pole.  Please come and visit me at my new blog dedicated to Christmas - The Handcrafted Christmas where I'll soon be caught up on transitioning the Christmas posts.  Then it will be all Christmas, all the time, except perhaps when it's another holiday with lots of fun things planned. Read more ...

Friday, January 10, 2014

Simple Recipe for Chunky Knit Headbands

The decorations are down - well, for the most part.  No doubt I'll be finding the odd little thing for the next few weeks as there always seems to be straggler items that I don't notice because I've been living with them so long. Oh well, the bulk of the work is done so it's time to start getting sorted for this year's projects.