Monday, August 15, 2011

You've got to get Charisma!

My new favourite hat pattern is written for two strands of worsted on 8.00 mm needles, but of course you can use a chunky wool that is size appropriate. This Charisma yarn from Loops & Threads (a Michael's brand) is gorgeous to work with and super soft.

And the colour patterned yarns are truly FUN to work with. You barely notice the knitting as you're excited to see what will happen next.

I know, small things, small minds ... but trust me it's fun to knit with, and you can say "oooh" a lot.

The yarn also comes in many solid colours so I am on a mission to turn my scarves into hat & scarf sets.

I like them not completely matchy-matchy with the faux fur scarves. Things are all coming together.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Hats are Back! Great new pattern.

Knit with 2 solid yarns - gives a lovely tweedy effect.
I think it would work well with subtle or contrasting.

I am back to the hats - and in a big way. I just can't get enough of knitting the latest in the line-up of new hat patterns. This pattern is from the StreetKnit website and I love it for several reasons.

Knit with 1 variegated and 1 solid yarn - I like the subtle effect
  • It's knit with two strands of worsted so the colour possibilities are virtually endless.
  • It's knit on large 8.00 mm needles so you can whip them up in no time.
  • It's soft, thick and warm so it will do a good job!

Knit with 2 variegated yarns - not something I'd likely do again

Yes I love this hat pattern and shall be making some up for the StreetKnit Project.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Elegant Meets Edgy: A Custom Request

Mission Accomplished! (I will not let George Bush take that away from me). My first custom request on Etsy: Completed, photographed, and posted. So now we'll see if it suits.