Sunday, November 3, 2013

Beaded Icicle Ornaments on Beaded Spiral Hooks

Beaded Icicles on Beaded Spiral Hooks -  Red & White

November.  Yikes!  It's been a busy few days with Halloween and a few birthdays in the mix. As one of the birthdays was hubby's, I had a couple of days off of crafting and I was a cooking dynamo. A chocolate cake with no icing was requested - so that was as easy as could be - but I went on a cooking blitz and have filled the freezer with many of his favourite meals for weeks to come.   Marathon cooking sessions on blustery grey days of autumn are almost obligatory, and I must say I enjoyed it tremendously.  I know for sure I will enjoy not having to wonder what to make for dinner as things are about to get super busy.

Beaded Icicles on Beaded Spiral Hooks - Hot Pink & White with huge 24mm beads

The dining room table has been completely taken over for craft show dress rehearsal as I fine tune the layout of my space, what will fit, what won't fit, how best to price and display and etc.   It's less than a week now.  Parts of it look amazing, but I'm still taking it bit by bit.  It is choc-a-bloc and in the current version I am using two wire trees to hang ornaments from, as well as sections of the table that will have things in packages.  Sooo... I figured I needed to make more ornaments to hang from these trees.  Interesting logic isn't it, when I have hundreds of Christmas ornaments, but there you go.  That's how this mind works.

Loads of my favourite beads here! Stripy beads, Glitter beads, Huge faceted beads  ...
Intending to be for the craft show ... along came the next evolution of the beaded ornament/beaded hanger with the Beaded Icicles on Beaded Spiral Hooks.  I have a few new lovely suppliers in the US and in the UK and all sorts of my favourite beads are used here in combination with other beads I've sourced from taking apart inexpensive bracelets and whatever I can find. 

I've worked them up on 5" lengths of coated wire and then I work them directly in to the beaded spiral hooks, so it is an all in one component.  These are divine and I love them.  The huge white 24mm acrylic beads are like snowballs and they are substantial enough that they will make a big impact on the tree. 

These would be amongst my largest, most deluxe versions of the beaded icicle ornament but I'm looking forward to trying them in a wide variety of styles and they would also look nice with smaller beads.  We had icicle lights when I was a little girl so I am particularly fond of the icicle imagery.

Well, that's it for me and blogging today.  Believe it or not there are still empty boughs on my two display trees and I've picked up some other new things today that I think will be festive for Saturdays sale -  ahem, instead of these.  And ... there's quite a few other jobs so I'll see you later in the week for photos of the completed dress rehearsal display ... wish me luck!

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