Thursday, July 28, 2011

A New Washcloth Pattern

I have a new favourite wash cloth pattern to make - AND it's crochet - which I find easier than knitting. I know... I know... it's very exciting. You can find the pattern for free at the Lion Brand website. I found that I needed to increase my crochet hook to achieve the proper tension - I used a 5.5 mm vs. the recommended 5.0 - but in trying the 5.0 as suggested, I did note that it would work up ideally for a bath mat - having a little more stiffness.

This simple stitch works up to a very thick wash cloth, and although they are idea for dishes OR your body - I would personally use this as a wash cloth for your face. It's so thick and luxurious. In fact, it's really making me want to make tons of them and interesting soaps to match. I don't currently make soap - but you crafters know how this trend can go.

Keeping me slightly in check is one my new organizational tools. The "bag of things to sew ends in". While I can't fit an afghan or the likes in here, it does provide a little boundary for the number of small items that accumulate that "just need the ends sewing in". At the very least, these projects may end up all hanging out together. It is kind of amazing how they can accumulate. Sigh. Okay, where's the needle? ... here I go.

I'm sure this stitch must have a name, but I don't know it. The basic stitch pattern for the washcloth is this:

With 5.5 mm hook (or 5.0 depending on your tension) - chain 35.

Row 1: Sl st in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in next ch, *sl st in next ch, hdc in next ch; rep from * across – 34 sts at end of this row.
Rows 2-38 (or 40 depending on cotton): Ch 1, turn, sl st in first hdc, hdc in next sl st, *sl st in next hdc, hdc in next sl st; rep from * across.

Alternate the colour pattern however you like - and enjoy.


  1. Very nice pattern but I'm completely unable to turn my attention to anything practical this week!

    I think one or two wrapped up in cello with some handmade soap and a little rafia bow would do well at a craft show booth!

  2. I picked up a book recently on making soaps - looks fun!