Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Funky Purple Pendant

Some time ago I found this funky purple pendant that was for sale as a necklace, but just strung on purple and black string. It's not expensive but it appears to be nicely made and looks of good quality. It puts me in mind a little bit of Salvador Dali. (A teeny bit Picasso, but a little tame for Pablo - there's only one nose and two eyes after all.)

As soon as I saw it I thought it would be stunning reworked, but it took me ages to find the beads I was looking for to go with. At long last these purple wooden beads presented themselves and I think they're just the thing - nice and light too.

Mixed with purple shimmery E beads, extra large silver beads to surround the purple, tiny light purple seed beads to pick up the bits of mauve and the large silver seed beads that I am currently in love with - it has come out much to my satisfaction.

I think it's a stunner of a 'statement piece'. And ... has matching earrings. This dude seems to like it, but this one`s mine!

So the tip for all you crafters out there is ... don't just limit yourself to the craft aisles for your supplies. Older or inexpensive jewelry can be recrafted for a whole new life.

The cost for the pendant and earrings - $2. The cost for the perfect purple beads - well, quite a lot more, but they were hard to find after all.


  1. These are really cool, and you're right Picasso and Dali influences.

  2. That is really, really cool. What a find! Love what you did with it.