Sunday, October 13, 2013

Seussical with Large Diamond Dangles ... & Snowflakes

It's a drizzly day and there is a Doctor Who marathon on television. In short, it's a perfect crafting day.   Really with conditions like this I should be working on my Tardis Christmas Ornaments - I got some fabulous charms to work up - but I think those will wait for next week when the End of 10 will air.  I`ll need something to distract me from crying through the entire episode.

Instead, I`m working on these cheerful Seussical style large green diamond dangles. The striped lime green and white acrylic beads I got are perfect in combination with the shiny lime green acrylic diamonds and beads. A clear crystal faceted bead adds even more sparkle.   Having tried a few variations with these large acrylic diamonds, these are my favourite so far.

I`m also working on finishing up some of my larger snowflake ornaments.  I`ve embellished these with gems in colours to match the beaded hangers.  You know my theory on sparkle and glitter at Christmas - less is just less.

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