Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Elegant Meets Edgy: A Custom Request

Mission Accomplished! (I will not let George Bush take that away from me). My first custom request on Etsy: Completed, photographed, and posted. So now we'll see if it suits.

The potential recipient is the mother of the groom at an upcoming wedding where the colour scheme is neon green and hot pink, and while she liked a hot pink version of the crochet wire necklace that I had, wondered if I could do one in black, with the pink and green accents.

I struggled with the vision in my head for a while. My kitchen is actually neon green and pink, but with it was the black that was throwing me. I think, though, that these really deep black and interesting beads that I went out to get (there goes clearing the stash) have brought it all together.

And now my fingers are crossed that she will like it. You just never know what someone has in mind with brief email exchange ... and each choice of bead style and quantity makes an entirely different piece. This is not a necklace that I would likely have made - but now that I have - I like it a lot. And it would look stunning with a little black dress.

UPDATE: This piece was purchased, making it my first etsy sale. woohoo


  1. The black really sets off the green beads! Looks like it should suit!

  2. I think its gorgeous. I think you picked the perfect amount of black to offset those bright colors. Very nice. Hope she loves it!