Monday, October 22, 2012

Funky Cat Cards

Oh paper crafts ... how I have missed you.  It was my intention ages ago to get to some card making after a few little beading projects, but somehow that developed into quite a large production - which, in truth, is still occupying the majority of the living room table.

But after an improptu - and fabulous - crafting session with my young niece and nephew, I found that many of the card making bits and bobs had made their way out of the craft room, so I thought I'd whip together some simple little cards.

These adorable little kitty stickers caught my eye.  I prefer them to stand out against the white background, and the silver accents make them pop with just the right amount of texture (not too puffy).  I've set this on two pretty papers and embellished with some diamond gems to connect with the foil emblishments on the stickers.  Simple, and pretty.

For this guy here I mixed the colours up a bit, just pulling from the main colours of the cat, though of course you could go crazy with layers with these jazzy devils.  I felt my groove starting to come back.  (For those that don't know, these are the colours of my kitchen - yes, seriously)  Diamond accents in pink, ooh la la.

The cards themselves have an embossed edge.  I found these at the Dollar Store some time ago and wish I could get more - in some ways.  The negative side is that you have to be much more precise with your cutting and placement with such a definitive border, so once these are used up it's back to my favourite plain white base.

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