Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Grandma

My beautiful Grandma
My Grandma would have turned 98 today, and it is the first birthday we are without her.   She would likely have recieved as many cards as her years because my Grandma would talk to people and make friends wherever she went.  People always remembered her with a staggering amount of birthday and Christmas cards.

She was an amazing woman to me, and certainly a source of inspiration in the crafty arts for my family. 

Grandma's biggest craft skills were knitting and crochet where her work was pure perfection.  She made me such beautiful things throughout my life and it gives me enormous pleasure that some of these things still live on - new like the day they were made - so much so that I have been able to  pass them along to friends' children. 

Grandma enjoyed food like she enjoyed life and it would be nice to think that somewhere out there she's having a big birthday feast in celebration.  I'll just bet there's ice cream!

I'll always love you Grandma and feel like you're right here with me.  Switching the numbers this year doesn't get us a lot, but happy 89th birthday!

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