Sunday, November 24, 2013

There are Beads in these Christmas Stickers!

Christmas Gift Tags with Pop-Up Santa Stickers

Although I have far too many Christmas bits and bobs - well, too many for their space as there could never really be too many, could there? - I just couldn't resist these adorable Pop-Up Christmas Stickers I saw the other day.  Lovely vibrant colours and sweet graphics, the piece de resistance is that the puffly little stickers contain tiny shiny beads.

Christmas Gift Tags with Pop-Up Snowman Stickers

I've put them together in a simple styling with 3 layers of card stocks and fancy papers.  I like the bright colours of the stickers to pop and find they do that best on the white background and the rounded edging on the interior layer seems to make them a little more whimsical.

Christmas Gift Tags with Pop-Up Christmas Tree Stickers
To jazz them up a little more and add something to sparkle I've added a litle row of gem stone embellishments.  They're fun to shake - if you're a present shaker type - as the little bids give a rattle.

Ready to adorn presents which I haven't even thought about buying or making yet let alone wrapping ... have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  Mum and Dad's place have over two feet of snow this morning - just trace amounts here - but it won't be long now 'til we're all in a Christmas rush ...
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