Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sonic Screwdriver Beaded Icicle Ornaments

Craft Show is over and it is back to the bling. I have been working up more of the beaded icicles on beaded spiral hangers that I love, and this time I've incorporated the rhinestone encrusted beads.  Serious bling!  Don't the shiny silver beads go lovely with the deep rich colour of these cobalt blue faceted beads?

It's hard to get the sense of scale with these beaded icicle ornaments - they are quite substantial, and soon when the trees and decorations come out I am looking forward to photographing the ornaments in situ on the Christmas Tree.  Maybe it's just me - with Doctor Who on the brain - but these are very reminiscent of a sonic screwdriver - and they're just the right size in your hand.   We all know that alien invasions often happen at Christmas time so I'll be all set with these fellas - #SavetheDay

Another Winter Wonderland rendition uses the giant 24mm white acrylic beads again, this time with stripy blue and white beads, large faceted turquoise beads and two sizes of the fabulous glitter beads.  If I had to pick the bead of 2013 I'd go with these stripy beads as they seem to be hugely popular. 

In Craft Show wrap-up news, look who stopped by to check out our Christmas goodies.  Yup, they are Santa approved!  Business was a little slower than we anticipted but having not done these things before we didn't really have a point of reference.  It was a fun day and we're glad we went - met lots of lovely people - but we think the show may have been a titch too early in the calendar for folks to be really ready for Christmas.

With another show on the 30th of this month, we'll see if the timing makes a difference but I, for one, am not going to think any more about that for a little while.  Today, Max (the cat) and I are making red glitter snowflakes.  We hope you enjoy your day as much as we will.

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