Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Antique Earrings in the Garden

It's just sooo nice outside today that I couldn't resist turning a project into an outside project - so I experimented with photographing some new earrings in the back garden. Definitely a concept to play with - perhaps next time when there aren't such heavy gusts of wind.

These are some new earrings I've made. I love these beads but I didn't quite have enough to make necklaces so they seemed perfect for trying out some more earrings.

The glass beads look really pretty when they catch the light, and the brass edging reflects the light.

My husband says they look like fishing lures... but as he doesn't wear earrings - or fish - I'm ignoring his comment. I don't wear earrings either, but I like them - I think they look rather 'antiquey'.

So we have some in deep red, golden amber, deep (almost black) purple, and emerald green.

And, in my opinion, they don't have to be matchy-matchy as these Murano glass beads and turquoise with glass heart and dolphin show.

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