Monday, June 13, 2011

In Memory of Marley

It was a very sad good-bye last week. We love you and will miss you so much Marley. Thank-you for looking after us for all these years and for all the happy memories.

In Memory

They will not go quietly,
the cats who've shared our lives.
In subtle ways they let us know
their spirit still survives.

Old habits still make us think
we hear a meow at the door.
Or step back when we drop
a tasty morsel on the floor.

Our feet still go around the place
the food dish used to be.
And, somtimes, coming home at night,
we miss them terribly.

And although time may bring new friends
and a new food dish to fill,
that one place in our hearts
belongs to them ...
and always will.

We love you baby xoxo


  1. The poem brought tears to my eyes because its so true! Sorry about Marley, the photos show a good life and a happy cat!!

  2. I thought the poem was lovely to share - so many of us can relate. We received this with a nice card from the folks at the vets.