Monday, January 31, 2011

Job Done: Christmas Tree Skirt

Reading through other crafters' blogs I feel much less guilty about the amount of projects I constantly have 'on the go'. And this blogging format is definitely motivation to get out that (insert any project) that has needed just a teeny little bit more work for (insert any number of weeks/months/years). So, just needing to sew in some threads and add some ties, the first of my crochet Christmas tree skirts is done!

My prediction? Many more of these to come. I love this pattern. For it's size it works up quite quickly and .... my favourite part ... you can create very different versions by just mixing up the colours, wool textures and patterning of the stripes. I added in some faux fur type wool near the edge and I really like the effect.

I'm quite certain that the many cats who love to lie beneath the trees will enjoy the new level of comfort next Christmas! Testing that theory, we seem to have recieved the 4 paws up seal of approal.

Still fighting a bad cold, I've dedicated the day to doing very little so the next tree skirt - for the blue/silver/white tree is already underway. Starting something new always seems a good reward for finishing something, don't you think?

And it will have lots more furry bits (naturally).

The original pattern for stitches is located at but I encourage you to do your own thing with the colours - the possibilities are endless, and it's great for using up wool.

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