Monday, January 3, 2011

Wee Mousies ... to knit

Beautiful Quincy with his new red mousie

The first completed projects of the New Year seem to be a hit! Great for using up scraps of wool are these knitted mouse cat toys. Quincy seems sort of interested.

The red version is the fist I did and it has the nose as directed in the pattern, which I found a little difficult to accomplish but more to the point feel it would be the first thing the cats would tear apart, and possibly eat. I've decided it's not at all necessary, and if you wanted the look of a nose I'd suggest starting the first few rows in pink.

The second one I've just stuffed with cat nip and it seems to be a big hit. So much so, in fact, that I had trouble taking a picture before Freddie had at it.

I think I'll definitely want to make more of these little guys - and for the next version I'd go with an extra long tail for playing with the kitties.

For the mischievious mice pattern, click here


  1. Lucky kitties! I agree with you about just knitting the nose part in pink.

  2. How cute! I could definitely see my cats ripping the nose off the red one. May be cute, but I think your second one was a better idea.

  3. Indeed Angela! The pattern suggested just wrapping it but I knew that was a no-go. I actually stitched it through several times and I must say after a few weeks it's holding up pretty well. But, the point stands - definitely not worth it.