Sunday, April 17, 2011

Magic snowflakes?

I've been making snowflakes. Lots and lots of sparkly snowflakes.

The little white plastic snowflakes came from the Dollar Store, and I've used them in the past on my wreaths. For these ornaments, I've painted them with a couple of layers of twinkle glitter to look a little nicer and to catch the lights on the trees.

Or, perhaps simply because I can seldom resist adding glitter. I think what turns them into something really special is the beaded hangers and needless to say I had a lot of fun playing with varieties.

I'm only sorry I don't have several packs on the craft shelves. Why did I not buy more? Ah well ... at least I bought some ... and there's always next year. Or September, when the Christmas things start hitting the stores.

I particularly like the inclusion of the clear glass beads as they should add an amost icicle effect when the tree is lit up - or hanging near a light source as you can pop them anywhere.

As it snowed today - not enough to stay on the ground but bizarrely 'blizzardy' throughout most of the day - it is also entirely possible that these are magic snowflakes.

Magic or not - I like them! And my packs of Christmas papers for thematic photography. It's all happening here at Santa's village.

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