Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Photographing Necklaces

I'm sorting out some of the necklaces that I've made so they can become organized. I'm rather fond of these large glass beads, and the two strand sets work nicely as a statement piece.

And I like a couple of things about this round glass beads necklace. I like the balance of spacing, seems to have a nice 'floaty' look, and I also like the contrast with the small pink beads bringing out the pink flowers painted on some of the greeen beads. Something for me to remember as I tend to be fairly monochromatic with certain things.

And hey! I think I like the little photo-in photo images. What do you think? More pretty glass beads. Gold with flecks of all sorts of autumnal colours.

These necklaces with almost a 'faux rock' bead look nice as a longer double strand in my opinion, but this made for easier photographing.

Several more to 'catalogue' and then we can begin anew - the list of things I'd like to see is building in my head.

1 comment:

  1. Mmm yes, photo in photo is working. It's nice to get both the overview of the necklace and a close-up of the pretty beads!