Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Bold New (Magical) Journey

Did you notice? There were BIG happenings yesterday. After contemplating for decades doing something a little more organized with my never ending desire to make things of a crafty nature, I have finally ended up "on Etsy".

I hadn't intended yesterday to go this far in the process, but after trying out a few ideas for 'cataloguing' things, it seemed that a lot of extra effort would be required to get something that really worked well.

This would be largely wasted or duplicate effort by the time I got to carrying out the threat of being on Etsy (or Artfire, which I was also considering), so I thought "what the heck, let's jump in". I was, after all, born feet first.

So one thing led to another as sets were assembled, photos were taken, cropped and colour adjusted, boxes were sorted and the cataloguing began. I have a baby toe on Etsy.

I am feeling a little like in Alice in the part where she is teeny weeny and everthing enormous around her. I have a lot to learn in this fascinating world of Etsy, but it seems easy to set up to begin and the best way to learn is just by getting into it.

I also started yesterday a Magical Crafts page on facebook as I wanted to play with some of the Etsy integrations and you can only do them on 'pages' vs 'profiles'. It's another good place to organize photos and links etc. As well you can integrate Etsy items on your blog (check out the bottom right).

I love the beginning of learning fun new stuff, and if I can free up some space to make more things, well that will be fabulous. The house is utter chaos of boxes and beads ... and I am having fun.

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