Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like ...

My husband isn't too thrilled to see the first signs of Christmas appearing around the house ... but as I explain every year ... it's not too early if you're making things. Of course, I have been known to say this even in the month of January so I think September is completely respectable.

Besides, I was thinking this year I might try a few Christmas things on Etsy - so I started working this weekend on tree ornament in sets of three. Two wooden word ornaments and a snowflake complete the set and so far I've done 'Noel' & 'Joy' in red, and 'Hope' & 'Peace' in silver.

The wooden 'word' ornaments are painted with 5 layers; paint, 3 varieties of glitter paint and gloss to finish them off. When they're hanging on your lit-up tree they are SPARKLY!

Each set is a little different with a variety in the beads. I am really not a fan of the wire ornament hangers - especially because mine always end up in a 'Barrle of Monkey's tangle - so was happy with this idea for more ways to use beads. The added bonus is that they will add sparkle and interest on the tree.

Tomorrow's job in the better light will be to photograph them for Etsy ... and then next ... gold ... white ... blue?

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