Friday, September 23, 2011

The Seed Bead Section

Loooooook, isn't this fun? It's an "oooh" moment every time I look at my neat and organized seed bead section. Just a wall of inspiration - and it's quite easy to take any of them in and out by sliding things up, though I am still debating wether they are better standing on their tops or bottoms. I've decided not to worry about it. For now.

Something is well organized. Hooray. Though a special narrower wall cabinet would be the ideal solution, and I'm sure they must make such things .. this works pretty well for now, and I find the "at a glance" capability for the majority of small beads, the easiest way to put projects together. This shelf gets good light, so I can just bring my larger components in and see what wants to join in the project. Most of them fit here, and the yellows and oranges that I seldom use live somewhere else.

Because such available space on a shelf would be like a flashing mouse beacon to several of our cats, I fill the space with two easy to remove storage containers that hold beading wire and other beading things (read beads that haven't found a home yet).

I love these containers. I use them for all sorts of things both for permanent organization and just to ferry things around. They're also great to turn over and cover up small things on-the-go that you don't want wee beasties getting into.

Speaking of wee beasties, I should introduce you to the seldom photographed Hermione. 'Minnie' seems to approve of the organization going on - HER table is now clutter free and she has really taken to hanging out in the craft room - which is welcome and new. It's a great spot for sunbeams after all.