Thursday, August 1, 2013

Serious Bling Beaded Ornament Hooks

These 20mm rhinestone encrusted beads are sparkle heaven

Woweeee look at these beads!  B-Bling!!!  If I were a fashion designer, and my beaded ornament hooks were my clothing designs, then this would be the item that would close the show.  My 'ball gown' - if you will - of the beaded ornament hangers.

Flanked with crystal rondelles for even more bling

Truly stunning beads.   Huge 20mm resin beads that are encrusted with acrylic rhinestones that shine and reflect the light! I adore them.  I bought them all the minute I saw them.  The hole size is 4mm so it is a little dicey for the 6/0 seed beads so I have used clear crystal faceted rondelles.  What's a little more sparkle, it fits right in.

Up the hanging portion of the beaded ornament hook I've continued the bling with shiny Terra silver 10/0 seed beads (clear crystal in other versions) interspersed with silver lined crystal 8/0 seed beads.   The Terra beads are meant to not tarnish like other silver beads will - they are certainly nice and smooth to work with.

A better sense of the colours on a darker background

Because the crystal rhinestones reflect every colour of the rainbow, the camera in this bright light, despite my best efforts, is showing them a little darker than they would appear on the tree.  This photo on a blue blanket gives you a better idea.

Unless you live a lifestyle like a rockstar or Warren Buffet you probably wouldn't have these ALL over your Christmas tree, but they will be part of my 'designer series'.  A few of these here and there on the special ornaments is sure to look amazing.

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