Saturday, May 7, 2011

Going Gold ... and the Too Much Lesson

This one is a little larger than the others I've made. I'm happy with how it has turned out, but getting there was a bit of a struggle. This one it seems was my lesson in going too far. I find these lessons very helpful - at least this is how I justify it, as it is a very common occurrence for me.

The large glass flat beads are gorgeous, with flexs of green and rust in them, and I had round glass beads that matched perfectly (what are the chances?), but my first few attempts were definitely OTT. I had initially planned three strands incorporating each of those large glass beads, but ended up having to rework with simpler strands - like the plain amber glass beads - to balance it back down.

I also added large glass seed beads into the beginning and ending chain mesh, and while it adds nicely to the feel and shape, I think in future I would go with a colour choice that would be more visible as you can barely see the tone on tone gold on this one.

The other 'too far' in this one is the smaller beads near the clasp. While much easier to open and close, and there's nothing really wrong with the look, I miss the "oomph" in the back, so a better balance on this concept is called for.

You'll see how these ideas have progressed in the next rendition.

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