Saturday, May 28, 2011

Winter Wonderland Tree Skirt

Drum roll please. Perhape even some fireworks .... a job is DONE! I thought before I set off making all sorts of things with my wool 'bits', I had better first determine whether they were in fact 'leftover bits' or wool I still needed for the myriad projects on the go. So first up in the pile of projects, this Christmas Tree skirt.

I know these aren't the traditional holiday colours, but this one shall end up in our turquoise blue living room where at least one of the trees is typically themed in a winter wonderland blue and white fashion.

And, as I am the loving mother of several four legged furries who love to lie beneath the tree, some extra comfort has been worked in. The faux yarn works in really nicely to give a thick texture, and I think the white gives an almost snowy look.

Yup, I think it will work fine. Won't Freddie be excited when it gets spread out full?

Two done ... two to go.... I think at least one of them will have to be red. But can you believe this ... I shall need to buy more wool?

The original pattern for the tree skirt is located at


  1. Hi, always looking for patterns that are very different from the norm. Did you crochet the faux yarn over the already crochet rounds or just by doing a round w/faux yarn?

    You have a good imagination. I have yet to master crocheting using different blends of yarn, this is very pretty and I too have pets that like to sleep underneath our tree which is such a peaceful site to see.


  2. Hi Gloria, Sorry, just seeing this question now. The faux fur rounds are done by crocheting with the worsted AND the faux fur yarns together (one of each) - or, just the faux fur yarn if it is a particularly thick one. Very addictive to make and grows quickly at the beginning which is always nice.