Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lady in Red ... Wire Necklace

The fun continues with the wire crochet necklaces. Turns out I had been using a heavier wire (24 guage) than the one featured in the youtube video I watched (26 or 28 guage), but I have now adjusted the needle size up to accommodate, and I think things will work out nicely.

While I can't help wishing I had the thinner wire as it would be MUCH easier on the hands to work with, I think this nets a sturdier finished product so I intend to soldier on. This is a great technique you could use with much thinner wires for an entirely different look. I have to love a concept where you can play with so many variables.

This coated wire is just something I had on hand but if I see it again I shall be snatching it up. Feels even thicker to work with, owing no doubt to the coating, but I think it's worth the little extra suffering as the end results of the 'mesh' parts are really nice.

I'm happy with the balance of types of beads with this one as well. There is a good mix with not too many larger feature stones - which in other experiments I'm finding can over-crowd. But, each one is different - and therein lies the fun.

If I were doing this one again ... I'd be careful of the larger beads near the clasp. You want something not quite as large for ideal fastening.

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