Friday, March 25, 2011

Not Ready for Intermediate

Lion Brand yarn posted some patterns for dishcloths on Facebook today and this Knit Folly Beach Washcloth took my fancy. That would be the white one pictured below, which has already come off the needles. Unfortunately it didn't quite work out. I'm not ready for intermediate.

I wasn't too far off, and I will be trying it again but the combination of a mistake I didn't feel I could live with and my needle size choice being too large, I've decided to start again. Start again, that is, after working up to it.

I need a little more practice with knitting stitch patterns before I do this one again and there are some great samples at Knitting on the Net and the Angel Hugs Stitch Sampler. I'm going to make up some cotton washcloths to give a few a go.

It's not undersatnding the pattern that I have great difficulty with, nor is it the actual stitch variations (ssk, skp) which usually seem well explained. My fundamental problem is paying attention to what I'm doing. It's been a while since I've done crafty things that didn't allow my mind to wander off completely while my hands kept busy, and it's a wee struggle.

Even with a piece of paper to cross off rows, I often forget to do so and it was only when taking this photo of my work in progress on the Triangle Squares washcloth that I realized I flipped the diamonds after the first two repeats. As Homer would say, DOH!

While it won't be a perfect example of the Triangle Squares pattern, I am going to press on. At this point I'm curious to find out if the size will be square with one ball of wool, and it isn't terribly noticable as this makes a nice chunky looking pattern.

Next stitch choice .. something more obvious to follow. Baby steps.

In other news ... Spring arrived this week. But it's not like you would notice yet.

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