Friday, June 17, 2011

Butterfly & Turquoise

Time for happier things ... two of my favourite things; butterflies and the colour turquoise. I've always loved butterflies.

I got this pretty cloisonne butterfly pendant a while ago but just didn't have the right things to mix with it until I found these lovely turquoise beads.

I like the 'natural' aspect of the unevenness of the stones and the gold is a nice accent with the cloisonne work. It is very simple, but I experimented with tons of variations before I finally settled on the simplicity of this. As they say, sometimes less is more.

I'm not sure if I'll be keeping it so I made up some earrings to match while I still had the coordinating materials. The small clear glass seed beads add a nice little sparkle, and are also used around the pendant.

I love using the wire and making earrings - I'm kind of wishing I still had pierced ears.

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  1. I love cloisonné, It's makes me think of more elegant bygone times like in Tolstoy novels.