Saturday, June 18, 2011

To the Bead Store ....

This is my craft room. No, I'm only kidding ... but after today it's not far behind ;)

Lynn took me out for my birthday today, and as always with Lynn I had a lovely day. And as always with Lynn, there was a crafty element. And as always with Lynn, I got a little carried away. But hey, it was my first ever trip to an actual "bead store" so there was very little chance that I wouldn't - and it was great fun!

In looking at the picture now I see many things that I didn't notice in the store and I know that there were oodles of things that I didn't really take in because it is just overwhelming. Colours! Shiny! Magic Beads! So much better than a candy store for this kid.

And considering this is about a one and half minute walk away from the bead shop - could be one of my new favourite places.

Remarkably this end of the beach is not jam packed on this beautiful day. And it's farther away from the smoke stacks - seems odd, but good to know!

Ms. Lynn of course has already worked up many of the beads she bought - done and dusted - YES before she even got home - the cheek. Me ... I'm off to ponder for days and days ... and I just mean where to put them all ;)

At least my way ... there's a lot more anticipation. Ooooh, anticipation.

Thanks again Lynn! I was going to post links to the gorgeous scarf and socks that you made me - but you are far too prolific for me to find them - I shall have to take a picture to show my Grandma and Auntie Carole.


  1. Oh my gosh...that bead store looks awesome!

  2. We'll definitely need to do more bead shopping - the shawl I'm knitting now needs EIGHTEEN stitch markers not just the ten I made today!

  3. I concur - I didn't get NEARLY enough of the lovely silver seed beads (what was I thinking) - and I like those E beads.