Thursday, March 10, 2011

I need a ring mandrel ...

I really had no idea until very recently just how amazing the craft world is on the internet ... and I'm just beginning to explore. Bravo online craft world.

Today through a facebook update from I noticed a link to this youtube video for making a beautiful swaroski crystal ring - and I wanted to keep note of it as this is a definite must try.

But it brings me to a point that I wanted to share which is that youtube is an excellent resource for instructions on doing virtually anything crafty.

Most of us, especially when new to a craft like knitting or crocheting (but feeling overly adventurous), will come to a part of a pattern when we wonder what language they have suddenly switched to. With the magic of the internet and resources like youtube, you've got the world at hand to answer any question - and show you.

Note to self: Get some supplies from Artbeads.comand have a go at making rings.

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