Friday, January 6, 2012

Foam Hearts & Gems Valentines Day Cards

 I've been on a bit of a crafty roll lately, and far be it for me to want to get in the way of that. It is fun to make things - and a nice break from the computer to get back to traditional "making" methods.  I'm finding ways to to turn my attention to things I haven't done before or in ages.

The Christmas craft aisles have all turned to red and pink so I am turning my hand to some Valentines Day projects. And I have these lovely new glitter card stock papers that are just perfect in shades of red and pink to make some Valentines Day cards.

 This red and white re-work version of my first attempt is one of the nicest cards I've ever made I think.  The format is simple but the result is fabulous.  The glitter card stock is too lovely (even lovelier than photographed as it is difficult with the sparkle and shine) to almost completely cover, so I decided to add some Valentines Day themed ribbon.

The pearls that surround the foam heart (or gems in the other examples) are from packs of adhesive glitter stickers that I'm already wishing I'd grabbed more, as they are gorgeous.  These particular adhesive gems come in strips so you need to cut and place each one individually, but it's well worth it.

 I have used foam hearts which you can buy in a variety of styles packages, but you could also cut out your own heart from foam, glitter foam, paper or card stock, etc.

You can follow the simple concept for a variety of styles.  Large decorative paper cut slightly smaller than the card.  Strips of ribbon or paper for accent.  Feature item on top.  Embellish. Voila.

While perfect for Valentines Day, these cards would also be great for weddings, engagement, or any message of love.

This time of year you can find all sorts of bits and bobs, so just get creative and enjoy!

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