Sunday, March 4, 2012

Amber and Red Earrings

More work today making and photographing earrings and I am trying to develop a system.  Photograph ... edit and select photos ... upload one to catalogue (sorted by colour and style) ... make some more things.    The next series of steps involve sharing on the blog, and then creating an Etsy listing.  Phew.  I need an assistant.  Really wish I could just fiddle with the pretty beads.

But if I stick to the sytem, and with boxes for things in the various 'production stages' I should soon be getting sorted..  And as the shampoo bottle used to always say ... repeat ... with other jewelry items, knit, crochet, cards, kits, Christmas things ... and etc.  Simple, huh?  Simple madness maybe.

Here are some more earrings I've made up, sorting throught the boxes of beads.  These are 'one-offs' but I knew I wanted these beads for earrings, so may as well get them completed.  Don't they look lovely with the golden amber and orange tones?  I almost despise the colour orange, but these are 'amber' enough that I love them.

These red and gold tear drop earrings are soo much nicer in person than in the photo, and I've made a few sets of these.  The red stone tear drop beads are lovely and the deep red miracle beads are magnificent in lower light.  Extra large red mat seed beads and glowy glass red seed beads are just the thing with gold seed beads for accent.  For some reason, these remind me of the Tudor period.

I'm working through the bead boxes!


  1. Oh I really like those earrings! They are super gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Heather - I'll be selling them on Etsy if you're interested.