Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Country Loom Baby/Child's Blanket

Little boy blanket in progress

This week I discovered my "willpower score".  It is zero.  Nowhere to go but up really. After declaring this week's crafting agenda to be about earring organization and this Country Loom childs blanket I'm working on, a fantastic new crochet pattern caught my eye and I just had to intersperse a new little project.  Out comes the worsted wool as well!  I bought the pattern and made up two hats before the sun set.

 I recently bought some Country Loom wool on sale, and as I so often do when it's a good sale I bought many colours.  Just one ball of each, but I just had to see how lots of the lovely shades worked up.  I'd initially planned to make Country Loom hats with it all but soon realized that the quantity of wool would make far more hats than I really wanted to, and that this wool is soooo soft it would make the most amazing blankets.

Because I knit with one needle under my arm, I don't like to use a circular needle.  This meant that an adult size blanket would need to be done in squares - so I reminded myself that I really wouldn't fancy sewing them all up.  Then it struck me that it would make a wonderful childs blanket - ideal for baby in the pram or stroller on a cool day it would become a great snuggly blanket as the child got a little older.  This is 75 stitches on 9.0 mm needles and it just fits.  I liked it personally, but I still had some niggling doubt as it's not your typical 'baby blanket'. 

Well, I was instantly over any doubt when I saw this crochet Donegal Cap pattern which I bought through Craftsy, and you can also purchase on Etsy.  I LOVE this pattern.  I LOVE this cap.  And I think it's the perfect accompaniment for this blanket style.  Can't you just picture baby out and about in the spring/fall weather?

And look ... it floats in mid air!  A magic cap.  Just to try it, I made the first size 0-3 months, but this pattern is in a wide variety of sizes all the way to adult.

And now I'm going to go and browse around some of the wonderful blogs on Tami's Amis WIP and see what other distractions I might find.  Come have a browse, it's always very inspirational.

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  1. Such a cute hat!! Love the colors on your blanket! I too try to stick with one project, but get lured away by all the other fun patterns and yarn out there. I'll never admit how many WIPs are hiding throughout my home :o)