Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Country Loom Wool Hat Parade

Stack of completed hats

What does this picture say to you?  To me ... it says progress!  One of the items on my recent "battle with wool" agenda was these lovely Country Loom Hats, and here they are.

I've worked up quite a few colours - as the wool is just so yummy  - and I've made sizes Small, Medium and Large.  The body of the hat is worked up on 9.0 mm needles, so they really do grow quickly.

I am officially enamoured with the concept of doing the rib band in worsted wool - in this case two strands to match the bulk of the Country Loom Wool.  Not only does it give you a better fitting, warmer hat, but it allows you to play with more colours.

Just pick out any fleck of colour from the mottled wool, and there's your accent.  Since you are using two strands, you can even use two colours of worsted for a more tweedy look.

The Country Loom Hats are all photographed and catalogued so now you can take a look at them here.

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