Saturday, March 3, 2012

Forgotten February / Peace Out

Tibetan Silver Peace Earrings with Hot Pink Drizzlel Beads

Yikes!  Quite the absence for me - all of a sudden - in the craft blogging world.  I can't believe where the last few weeks have gone ... the "forgotten February".  It's amazing how quickly the time passes,  and I guess the thing is to just stick with it until things become habit.

The good news is that I have not had the same absence in actual crafting - this I have found the time for -  but with none left over for the photography and updating etc.  So .. here we are with a new month, a new focus, and hopes to get sorted.

Highlights of the 'forgotten February' in craft land include an all out assault on the balls of wool that were like tribbles all about the house.  Many of these balls have disappeared into hats, tree skirts, and blankets-in-the-works so I shall have to photograph and update you in the days/weeks ahead.

Today, I have started myself back into the swing of things with photographing - and these are some earrings I made this weekend.  I've got a lovely assortment of tibetan silver charms and I've been itching to play with them since about October.  So it's time to have pretty beads all about the house while I work up a wide selection.  Fun stuff.

It may have been a forgotten February, but I'm peacing out in March.

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