Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Button Whimsies for the Christmas Tree

Buttons seem to be a hot trend these days.   When I recently came across bags of interesting and random buttons at a good price, I couldn't resist playing with some Christmas ornaments centered around buttons.

I love the whimsical shape that the random sizing makes, and they look super cute with large beads and pearls dangling below.  I had these super bright lime green large beads, so decided to pair them with a mix of red and white buttons in a candy cane pattern, a pearl for a pop of white, and carried the lime green through the beaded hanger portion with a mixture of red and green.

I have the same focal beads in other colours, so here is another version done in purples.  Seed beads in between each button keep a nice spacing that gives the ornament a spinning top kind of look.   I really like purples and pinks mixed in with my turquoise, blues, silver and white trees (where red is banned) for a colourful winter wonderland look.

Fun stuff and a great way to use up old buttons as a mixture of all sorts would look great.

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