Friday, July 26, 2013

My First Ornament - Santa '68

I am surprised that I haven't shared this treasure of an ornament before now. He is well on his way to antique status as possibly the first Christmas Tree ornament I ever made. Certainly the first craft with any kind of longevity as he will be this year ... 45 years old!

Made of cardboard that is connected with thread so that he swivels and turns, this Enid Blyton-esque Santa was cut out of some box of chocolates type thing from the UK.  We had just moved to Canada so it would have been an exciting thing for me.  To this day, he ALWAYS gets a prominent spot on the tree.

And oh what fun, look at this ... Santa's first year on the tree - just by my head.  Christmas 1968.  He's a treasure alright!

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