Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hearts and 'Diamonds' Christmas Ornaments

Valentines Day meets Christmas with this latest ornament.  Some years ago I picked up these painted metal filigree-like hearts.  They were in the Valentines Day crafting items, but I thought they would perhaps make nice Christmas ornaments.

This version has a heart cut out in the center, and I thought it would be perfect for dangling a crystal faceted rondelle.  I had these pre-wired from something I else I bought and taken apart (as I am so often doing), so it was a good opportunity to try them out.  Love the concept, and they are not difficult to do with your own wiring - which I'm now also experimenting with for other styles.

For the beaded hangers, I knew that I wanted the wooden red beads as they give a really intense pop of colour, and I knew I wanted to repeat the faceted crystal that is dangling in the center of the heart.  I played with a few variations until I was happy with the results. The first few seemed too heavy for the delicate styling of the heart, but I was happy with the results once I added some tiny gold seed bead spacing in between the focal bead elements.

These are worked on a 5" piece of red coated wire, and I used a rich metallic gold for the tiny seed beads, with translucent deep red and creamy white for the larger seed beads to give it a traditional look  All packaged up they look sweet and festive.  And after all, who doesn't LOVE "Heart" Christmas?

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