Saturday, December 10, 2011

Etsy Treasury Lists

Here it is two weeks to Christmas ... I've done no baking or cooking, in fact the cupboards are a little bare, and I have to go out Christmas shopping for presents still this week, and yet I am busy thinking about plans for next Christmas. I really must get a grip and focus. But I'm really not too stressed, which in itself is amazing.

This was my first year venturing into the world of etsy, in fact the online crafting world, and it is loads of fun. An excuse to keep doing something you love. These widgets are something new I'm experimenting with on the blog - they are 'Treasury Lists' which feature some of my things. It has been fun to see your items featured in Treasury lists alongside other lovely thematic things.

There has been a lot of good learning as to what makes sense to make, packaging, style varieties etc., and this season gives me a good opportunity to stock up on things I will need to be producing throughout the year to be ready for next season.

Glittering in the back yard in June - you can picture it can't you? Well, at least most of it can stay outside that way!

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  1. How cute to see your things in these treasury collages! I especially like the lime-themed Christmas!