Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pom-Pom Ornaments

These little pom-pom bunnies are one of my very favourite home made ornaments. I used tiny plastic candy canes to make a toboggon which I embelisshed with ribbon. The bunnies are made with pom-poms and felt for the ears. I really think the bent ear is cute - and yes, it was deliberate.

A few little Christmas 'bits' like a mini tree, tiny present and candy cane make you think they're on their way to visit their badger friends on a snowy Christmas day in some tales of the riverbank adventure. Christmas just conjurs up all sorts of childhood memories!

This is a really simple little pom pom teddy bear. I dressed 'her' up in a festive frilly skirt made of edging ribbon, added a little gold bow and a tiny gold ornament and she looks like she's helping to decorate the tree.

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