Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Trees are all Skirted

I have 6 Christmas trees this year, but one of them (which is just the top half of my big tree) is in a pot where a cactus once lived, so it doesn't need a tree skirt. The rest are all decked out with tree skirts of their very own as I managed to make 5 this year. Here is the finished product I last showed you in progress.

This is the first one I made in colours I had on hand, and it fits in really well in my craft room.

This was my second attempt after falling in love with the pattern, and it is full of fluffy yarns. I made it large enough for the biggest tree which I'm not using this year, but the cats love the little extra 'blanket room' underneath this 6ft tree. And, it's pretty enough you don't mind seeing a lot of it.

This one is in my office where everything is red. The tree skirt hangs nicely over the round table that this smaller tree sits on - though the photo doesn't really capture that. Before I pack everything away I must remember to photograph these guys in full circle mode.

Even Oliver - who lives most of the time in the basement - under this tree - has a tree skirt for his table top tree.

Without a doubt, this was one of my favourite pattern finds this year, and I just love how different you can make each one by varying the colours, widths and sequencing etc. After the first few simple rows it's a 2 row repeat so it just grows and grows while your mind is free to wander elsewhere. And as it's worked center out, you feel well on your way (read committed to finish) in no time at all.

I think you all need to make yourselves a few!

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