Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Cat Wall Repairs

There is an area on our kitchen wall that looks ugly because it was once an opening for the milk bottles, and wasn't filled in terribly professionally. The opening is gone and all is secure, but you can clearly see where it was filled in.

What to do? Wall repairs? New drywall? Heavens no, let's stick something over it.

This happy little kitty on canvas couldn't be more simple - it's basically just a big circle! But he does brighten up the spot ... and best bit ... no more visible wall damage.

So grab a canvas and stick some paint on it. It's a lot of fun! Oh yes, glitter too - whenever you can.


  1. It's very cheery, but I'm not sure that glitter is really called for!

  2. There's still hope for you Lynn - I never thought you'd buy turquoise wool or crochet angry birds -lol.