Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A little over half way

It's been fairly quiet on the crafting front, but I thought I had better do an update of some fashion before too much time passes. It is a challenge for me to keep focused - and a challenge I intend to conquer vis a vis maintaining this blog and doing more crafting this year.

I was going to say 'craft work' but my Dad always corrects me that it is not 'work' if you enjoy it.

I have managed to maintain focus as far as wool projects go and am continuing to work on my Amazing Technicolour Blanket. I've used up quite a few balls of wool from the stash and would say I'm now a little over the half way mark.

Of constant debate in my mind - because it will change everything - is what colour will I do the border. Hmmm.... time still to ponder.

I realize in uploading that these aren't the best photos for colour, but you'll see it again when it's finished - hopefully soon.

1 comment:

  1. Very colourful! Maybe a dark colour for the border, like a navy blue?