Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Clear the Decks!

Eeek! I'm being invaded. I'm getting ready to tackle several 'work related' projects but as I look around my office it is hardly productivity inspiring. And my crafty projects ... they're all a bit of a frenzy. Somehow half the craft room acoss the hall has wandered over to my office - and yet, there is no extra space from whence it came.

OTG - Ripple Blanket pinks/purples
Easy Ripple Afghan
(162 stitches, 6.5 mm hook)

I see surfaces covered in beads that I am 're-organizing' for the umpteenth time, balls of wool from various on the go projects are towering up the wall from the back of the sofa, bags of new craft bits that haven't even found a home and, as always, I'm surrounded by scribble notes on all manner of paper. I'm constantly trying to stop that habit!

OTG - Fuzzy Blue Christmas Tree Skirt
Source Pattern at

I have a big basket in the corner for projects on the go, but it is .... ummm... overflowing ... and I already know that some of them are not destined to make it. Rework!

So, it's time to clear the decks a bit. Wool projects - off the couch and at least sorted into their own project bags. Then we can work to finish things up and thin out the wool stock - a 2011 mission - de-stash. It's looking like a go for these projects.

And, as for some reason (probably the surrounding of scribble notes) I never print out the pattern and keep it with my work - this should help me figure out what I'm doing when I return to it!

Yes, there is a bit of a ripple theme going on, isn't there? Each one is a little different, so I can decide which I like the best. This is how I tend to work.

Next up - clear the decks ... beads.

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  1. I think the baby blanket should be a keeper! You never know when you'll find out you need one of those, and all the better if its already started. Plus I love the color!