Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Animal Print Shell Bracelets

Funky Leopard Print Shell Beads

One of the good things about having taken some time off from craft blogging, is that there are a fair number of things to catch up on updating.  As I am unlikely to want too many animal print things for the Christmas Tree (though there are a few exceptions!), I though these beads would work up nicely into bracelets.

These beads are made of shell, and they have a lovely smooth finish and are cool on the skin.  The bracelets are just strung on stretchable beading cord so they are easy wearing and pop on and off.  I have pretty sensitive allergies to most metals, so I try whenever possible to avoid clasps.

For the ideal sizing, I found that it worked best with a complimentary smaller shell bead, and I like the little difference that it makes.  A little bit more designed looking is the result, but it really was driven by requirement - doesn`t a lot of design happen that way?

The animal print beads come in a wide variety of colours, and I think I have most of them.  I was pretty happy with this bracelet, so I made up all the variations - and  I quite like the look of mixing and matching them.

Matching papers and into the cello bags they go, and these bracelets are packaged and ready to go.

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