Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Christmas Earrings

A quick scan through the blogs I follow tells me I've got some catching up to do! Goodness me, another month rolls by and I can't believe it's October. Definitely time to get a push on with Christmas things and I've been doing some catching up with photography and posting things on Etsy today.

These were the first Christmas earrings I made after finding these lovely stirling silver charms. Struck me they wanted to be long dangly so I've worked them up with 3 feature beads - crystal for the snowflakes and emerald green for the Christmas trees - and no question they wanted to be sparkly.

And this is the second batch - an antique bronze look Christmas charm which I've done a little less dangly in options of red, gold, green or snowy white.

The coloured feature beads are among my favourites - miracle beads for the red and gold (and they are so much nicer than they will photograph for me), the lime green beads are an interesting shape and come from a vintage piece I'm recycling, and the milky white beads were a surprise which I will definitely be getting more of. I'm not sure which colour I'd choose.

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